Our medical doctors (M.D.) are board certified ophthalmologists and optometrists, who specialize in all aspects of eye care, including diagnosis, management and surgery for eye diseases.

Robert C. Feldman, M.D., P.A.
Medical Exams

Medical examinations and treatment go through your medical insurance. Diabetic eye exams, cataract exams, glaucoma pressure checks and chronic dry eye syndrome evaluations are some examples of medical exams.

Medical exams also include evaluations for sudden or recent medical issues, such as: redness, itchiness, pain, light sensitivity, or any medical issue causing you concern.

Common medical conditions include, but are not limited to:

Blepharitis | Cataracts | Chalazion | Conjunctivitis ("Pink Eye") | Diabetic Retinopathy | Dry Eye Syndrome | Eye Allergies | Glaucoma | Ocular Hypertension | Pingueculae | Ptosis | Retinal Detachment | Stye

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At The Eye Center, we are committed to excellence in your surgical care. We strive to provide you with ethical and expert surgical care by keeping current on the latest techniques and standards so that you can experience the safest treatments and procedures with the most optimal results. We value your trust in our practice to care for your vision and eyes as best possible.

Dr. Terry Kwak is a highly skilled and trained ophthalmic surgeon with expertise in no-stich cataract surgery, refractive laser vision correction surgery (i.e.,LASIK and PRK), and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries. Dr. Kwak has performed thousands of cataract surgeries utilizing a variety of intraocular lens options to meet your personal vision needs. Dr. Kwak is also fellowship trained in corneal and refractive surgeries to provide you with the safest and best laser vision correction surgery. Dr. Kwak also has extensive experience in other laser procedures including laser trabeculoplasty, so that your glaucoma may be controlled without the burdensome use of expensive glaucoma eye medication.